Cinephile № 832 “Knives Out”

Nathan Box
2 min readApr 28, 2020

Recommendation: 4/5 Stars, SHOWTIME

Plot: “A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.” -IMDB

Review: Walking into the theater for “Knives Out,” I was genuinely nervous. I have seen this sort of film before. It tempts us toward the cineplex with a super cast and then collapses under the weight of its own twists and turns before failing completely due to its poor writing. I am looking at you “Murder on the Orient Express.” Almost instantly, you can tell this film will be different. It presents itself with fully formed characters, all possessing a motive, and all carrying a bit of relatable coolness into every scene. Once I got past my fear, I found myself settling in and enthralled. The game here is to look for clues and I found myself examining every scene.

A lot like a game of Clue, we are trying to figure out who murdered the father and patriarch of this family. Everyone seems to have a reason to wish for his death and everyone has something to gain from his passing. Like a lot of other past thrillers, this film presents reveals in waves. Unlike a lot of other recent attempts, the truth is perfectly conceived from the point of view of our main protagonist (Sorry to be so vague. I am trying to not spoil anything). Of course, the truth in these sorts of matters is anything but simple which brings us to the third act.

In the final act, we learn of the truth behind the will and a separate investigation. There is another round of backstabbing, anger, and ultimate truth. When the final picture is painted, everything is presented brilliantly, clearly, and in the most satisfactory way. Leaving the theater, I was more than pleased with this film and its chosen direction. It made me believe in this genre of film again.

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Nathan Box