Musical Thesis: Weezer “Pacific Daydream”

Nathan Box
2 min readMay 22, 2021


At the center of every album is a musical thesis. This thesis can be the driving force behind the album, a theme that interweaves songs together, or a feeling you are left with after the very last song plays. With some albums, the thesis is easy to find. On others, it is hidden and requires you to be more than a passive listener. These reviews are not about rating an album. Instead, it is about uncovering a musical thesis.

I don’t know what to do with Weezer. They do just enough to keep me coming back (with the exception of the Black Album), but no album is particularly memorable. “Pacific Daydream” is no different. Weezer’s tried and true formula is on full display as the California beach scene plays the backdrop. Instead of a distinguishable thesis holding this collection of songs together, we are offered yet another example of their ability to produce pop-infused rock songs. More often than not, this is fine. Making nonconfrontational music that won’t offend and paints the lead singer as someone much younger than he appears is fine. It doesn’t shake the foundation of music and that is fine.

Be good to each other,


Nathan Box